Food Bloggers (2020.9.7)

1. cross paths

to meet someone without planning it
마주치다 (계획하지 않고 누군가를 만나다)

(예문) I hope that we cross paths someday and somewhere.

2. when it comes to someone/something

speaking about someone or something
~에 대해서는

(예문) When it comes to losing weight, having a healthy, balanced diet is the key to success.

3. make or break something

to be the cause of something’s success or failure
~의 성패를 좌우하다

(예문) You might think that passing the exam makes or breaks your life, but it’s not. If you never give up, God will open another door for you.

4. I had a feeling…

~라는 느낌이 들었어요.

I had a feeling that I would fall in love with her when I saw her at first.

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