My Fiancée Wants 5 Kids! (2020.9.2)

1. on the rocks

ruined or in trouble
파탄 직전인 (망하거나 곤경에 처한)

(예문) My romance has been on the rocks since I broke up with my ex-girlfriend.

2. a change of heart

* a change of mind 은 이성적인 변화를 말하지만 a change of heart 는 감정적인 변화를 의미함 (뜻은 유사하지만 뉘앙스가 다름)

a change in one’s opinion or feelings about something
심경의 변화 (무언가에 대한 자신의 의견이나 감정을 바꾸는 것)

(예문) He had a change of heart after reading a book about how to make money and being happy.

3. stick/put one’s foot in one’s mouth

to unintentionally say something foolish or hurtful
실언을 하다 (본의 아니게 어리석거나 상처를 주는 말을 하다)

(예문) Once you put your foot in your mouth, you’ll lose a huge YouTube subscribers, which means the business couldn’t be sustainable anymore.

4. Can you even imagine…?

~이 상상이 돼?

(예문) Can you even imagine how beautiful she was in her wedding ceremony?

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