Who is a better cook, your mother or your father?

# 주요 표현

be no slouch

to be hardworking and skillful at something 아주 능하다(성실하고 어떤 일이 능숙하다)

(예문1) He is no slouch when it comes to surfing.
(예문2) I’m no slouch when it comes to computer technologies.

in charge of something

in control over or responsible for something ~을 책임지고 있는(~을 통제하거나 책임지는)

(예문1) My boss put me in charge of organizing the business trip to Tokyo.
(예문2) I was in charge of accommodations, and she was in charge of hot spots for our first vacation trip.

put one’s two cents in

to express one’s opinion (자기 의견을 말하다/표현하다)

(예문1) If I may put my two cents in, I think you’re overcooking the chicken.
(예문2) Do you mind if I put my cents in?

Who is a better…, A or B?

A와 B 중 누가 ~를 더 잘해요?

(예문) Who is a better software engineer, Sarah or Kirk?

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