The Trans-Siberian Railway – Arriving in Moscow (2020.9.29)

1. cooped up

confined in a small space for an extended period / 꼼짝 말고 들어앉아 있는 (좁은 공간에 장기간 갇혀 있는)

(예문) He had to be cooped up in the flight because there were big men with muscles next to him.

2. be crawling with something

to be full of people or other things / ~으로 가득하다 (~으로 가득 차 있다)

(예문) I had taken a subway around 6 p.m. yesterday to get to an English language school. I transferred to line 1, and it was terrible because the subway was crawling with people.

3. under one’s belt

experienced or achieved / 경험이 있거나 성공을 이룬

(예문) Sometimes we see people who see themselves as experts because of the time and experience under their belt, but it could lead to failure because things always change. Therefore, doubt yourself all the time.

4. I think we should…

내 생각에 우리는 ~해야 할 것 같아

(예문) I think we should write a list of things that we want to during a weekend because once we write, they are more likely to come true.


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