No more excuse


I’ve been taking English classes at The Mavens near The City Hall. The good part of studying here is that I am able to speak English with, normally, native speakers. The bad part is I don’t think I make the most out of opportunity I’ve had.

No more excuse

That’s why I decided to write a question note about English. These days there’s no excuse about the lack of resources. We have YouTube, Netflix, Movies, and so on.

1. It’s sheep to the wolves.

When I watched the below scenes, I thought the preposition to is strange.

(Netflix) “It’s sheep to the wolves.”
(Mine) “It’s sheep versus the wolves.”

My question is this:

“I wonder either is fine or the one Phil, the head coach of the Chicago Bulls from 1989 to 1998, said is more natural.”

(2020.07.12 업데이트) Canada 원어민 선생님께 물어봤더니 versus는 두 팀이 서로 대등하게 치고 받는다는 느낌이라면, to 는 한 쪽이 압도적으로 다른 애를 패는 그런 느낌이라고 한다. 결국 Phil 은 상대방 본진에서 경기하는 자신의 팀이 더 불리한 상황이라는 걸 표현하기 위해 versus 가 아니라 to 를 사용했다고 볼 수 있다.

2. franchise

What does the word franchise mean by?

3. in hot water

Being in hot water means someone is in a big trouble. I learned the word from Power English, one of the greatest English radio programs from EBS.


I’m going to repeat The Last Dance with the English subtitle again.

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